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About Me

My name is Brianna, and I have definitely lived when it comes to life. I love real clean beauty, eating healthy, tropical vacations and complimenting strangers.


 I created Blessed Holistic Life as a way to help everyday people learn more about living holistically, To me its about having a balance within all aspects of your life. Mine include health and wellness, clean beauty, living a non toxic lifestyle and getting closer to God each day. I am authentic and totally raw when it comes to sharing EVERY little detail about my life! Being so honest and sharing my life has led to a very engaged following online. Each day I hope to bring something new to the table and to help even just one person! Follow along as I share all my passions and tips and tricks for living clean in todays crazy world.


 Your lifestyle should be focused on holistic living and treating your mind, body and soul as a whole. If it's not follow along and let's get your living your best Blessed life!

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