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Dangers of Fragrance and the Best Clean Perfume Brands

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

Fragrance? What about it? 🙃

Fragrance is everywhere, it's in many beauty products like makeup, hair care, skin care and even cleaning products. We also have fragrance in our candles, room sprays and perfume. 🫣

But what is fragrance?

"Fragrance is defined by the FDA as a combination of chemicals that gives each perfume or cologne (including those used in other products) its distinct scent. Fragrance ingredients may be derived from petroleum or natural raw materials." -

As clean beauty lovers we know the importance of using non-toxic beauty without the harmful chemicals! Unfortunately Fragrance listed as an ingredient can be a mixture of chemicals... sadly 3000 chemicals are used as Fragrances. ❌

When you really sit back and think about how many that is..Its crazy! Now picture living in a toxic household with makeup, skin care, hair care, candles, cleaning products, bath products and perfume all having the ingredient "Fragrance" listed. Now add up how many chemicals are around you.…See my point?😅

Frgrance chemicals, can pass from the skin and into the blood and cause many problems when absorbed! 👎 Exposure to fragrance chemicals can cause headaches; eye, nose, and throat irritation; nausea; forgetfulness; loss of coordination; and other respiratory and/or neurotoxic symptoms. Many fragrance ingredients are respiratory irritants and sensitizers, which can trigger asthma attacks and aggravate sinus conditions.“ Noharm-

Wait? What do I do now?!

Thankfully, there are so many amazing Non-Toxic products now without the "Fragrance" :)

You must be thinking what about perfume? How are you going to smell good all day without dumping yourself in chemicals?

Don't worry, I found the Best Clean Brands when it comes to Perfume!

Below I will share my favorite Clean Brands and give you a honest review of what I thought about their perfume. 👇

Without getting ahead of myself and spilling too much, I'm happy to announce I love each brand and their perfume! There are many different scent profiles perfect for everyone!

There are 5 Clean Perfume Brands I am going to share! I will find more in the future and make a part 2!

(In order of review - there is no rank)


They were the first brand I reviewed and they came to play! I was honestly so surprised because I've been disappointed in the past with "clean perfumes" smelling a little too earthy - not a bad thing but I was just looking for something a little more luxury and boy did I find it. Like I've said many times on my Instagram Carter and Jane is a luxury perfume hands down.

There is something about their body oils, perfumes and packaging that just makes you think it's too good to be true! Their brand is a true WIN for the Clean Beauty Community!

Their whole brand gives off a Clean Simple Beautiful Luxury Vibe and Aesthetic 🤍

They gifted me 5 Beautiful Clean Perfumes - Organic Aromas to try!

They Have many scent profiles like Beachy, Citrus, Floral, Gourmand, Wooded and Zen! I love when brands offer so many different scents to choose from!🙌

Also again you’ll hear me mention it a ton on the review video so please @carterandjane make them full size spray perfumes! I need these in my life! 😍🙌

They use all clean non toxic ingredients and no fragrance - *”Our roll-on aromas are made only with natural and organic oils; we do not add synthetic fragrance or alcohol to our formulas, which are typically used in traditional perfumes to assist in longevity and reduce product cost. Our aromas may not have the staying power as a traditional fragrance, but they are a beautiful, non-toxic alternative to traditional perfume, and are intended to be applied several times throughout the day for a happy pick-me-up.” @carterandjane

I first tried the Scent Beach House 🌊 -

Top notes: Coconut + Lemongrass + Bergamot

Middle notes: Vanilla + Grapefruit + Lavender

Base notes: Sandalwood + Rosewood + Rockrose

It literally transported me back to the Ocean! It was absolutely wonderful! The smell was out of this world! I didn’t know it could have that many scents in it and blend so well!😍

The 2nd scent - The Penthouse 🧖‍♀️ -

Top notes: Yuzu (bright citrus floral)

Middle notes: Pink Peppercorn + Vanilla (sweet spice)

Base notes: Amyris + Labdanum (sweet resin + woody musk)

It smelled like a spa and very similar to Angelic Clementine but looking back different in its own way! It smells so dreamy and I wouldn’t expect the essential oils to make this what it is! New to me 😍🙌

The 3rd Scent was - Sweet Cocoa 🍪 -

Top note: Cacao (Chocolate)

Middle and base notes: Vanilla

It smells like Hot Chocolate! 🍫 it is literally such a fun sweet smell! Like a whole chocolate chip cookie perfume - but not too sweet still elegant and clean ❤️

The 4th scent - Violet Narcissus 🎻

Top note: Violet

Middle notes: Violet + Narcissus

Base note: Narcissus

It’s a very sexy floral smell! It smells very out together and powerful! Perfect for a date night out or Lady Boss! Love this one ❤️

The Last Scent - Coffee House ☕️

Middle notes: Cacao + Tonka Bean (chocolate + leather tobacco)

Base note: Vanilla + Cedarwood + Ambrette (brown sugar + woodsy musk)

This one smelled just like a coffee shop! If smelled sweet and so fun! It was the perfect amount of sweet and not overpowering - I loved how flirty and young this scent smelled.

You can learn more and watch my live smell test and application on Carter and Jane Perfume here -

You can grab it here! 👇

✅ code : blessedholisticlife for 20% off an organic aroma perfume! 🤍


Olga’s Organics is an all organic non toxic makeup, and online skincare store on a mission!

She has an all clean roller ball perfume that is not only non toxic but organic! 😍

I was lucky enough she had her Bloom perfume in stock to try! Her plant based perfume is sure to bring some tranquility in your life! 🤍

The all clean, rollerball perfume smells just like a spring flower bush! I applied it and felt like I was walking through a garden :) - the most prevalent scents are Ylang Ylang and sweet orange. 🍊

Great sleek packaging and great to keep in your purse! Doesn't fade fast and has a strong floral scent. Made with all organic essential oils! 👏

Scent profile : exotic, deep, floral,

You can watch my reel and application on Olgas Organics Perfume here 👇 -

You can grab it here! 👇

✅ code : blessedholisticlife for money off!

Love Peace Organics

Love Peace Organics is a Holistic Beauty and Wellness online store. - They are dedicated to offering the highest quality clean beauty + wellness products! One of my favorite all stop shops! 💚

I tried the Mademoiselle Swell Perfume Oil and fell in love! I was instantly on a yacht and on my way to a Michelin Star Restaurant. 🛥

It is light and fresh and lasts so long!! 🙌

If the word Joy had a smell this would be it! It has Jasmine, Bergamot and Neroli but reminds me of old money. Funny how I am transported with this perfume oil with scents I usually don't like! 🤍

Scent profile : heavenly, fresh, pungent

You can watch my reel and application on Love Peace Organics Mademoiselle Swell Perfume Oil here 👇 -

You can grab it here!👇

✅ code : blessedholisticlife10 for money off!

Reves de Sabine

Is a small batch skincare and Perfumery inspired by France's simple beauty rituals. 🤍

They have 5 Essential Oil roll on perfumes that are 100% natural and vegan! They are also designed to improve your sense of wellbeing. 👏

I first tried Rose Mimosa, which smelled like a rose bush with notes of rose, neroli, jasmine, bergamot, pettigran, and mimosa. 🥀

Exotique, was a fresh gardenia smell!

Joli Neroli, was passionate with citrus blossoms and peels. 🍊

Provencale, smelled like a feild of lavender! 💜

Scent Profile - natural, earthy, and therapeutic, exotic

To see packaging and learn more about these roll ons visit 👇 -

Leahlani Skincare

Leahlani Skincare is a Hawaii based skincare line that also offers clean tropical perfumes! Smelling these I felt like I was on vacation! 🏝

Their perfume comes in two scents Pua Lei and Mahana. They use a base of organic coconut oil, are all natural and do not contain any synthetic ingredients. 🙌

Pua Lei smells like a Hawaiian lei! It has a floral tropical smell with notes of sweet tuberose and exotic puakenikeni. 🌺

Mahana has notes of Vanilla Bean and sweet coconut! It smells like I'm lying on a Hawaiin Beach next to a fresh coconut. 🥥

Both perfumes require a beach, and a tan! ⛱

Scent Profile : sweet, bubbly, fruity

To see the beautiful packaging and learn more! Watch my reel here 👇 -

You can grab it here!

✅ code : blessedholisticlife10 for money off!

Which perfume do you want to try?! Let me know below or dm me on Instagram! Let’s ditch the fragrance together! Can’t wait to find more clean options!❤️

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