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One Seed, a Clean Perfume with a beautiful mission

As we all know and from my last Clean Perfume blog, Fragrance is running our world. It is in our beauty and household products and has very negative effects on our health. When you walk into a beauty store there is a whole section dedicated to this endocrine hormone disrupter. As consumers it feels like we can't escape the toxic world we live in. So what do we do when we switch to a low-tox lifestyle?

Do we get rid of our perfume and just wear essential oils all day? Well you can...but as a girly girl perfume lover I prefer more of an actual spray bottle perfume.

In my last blog I was able to find Clean Perfume alternatives but they were roll ons.

This time I found another option!

I came across One Seed on instagram while exploring more Clean Perfume options and was shocked! A clean perfume brand that not only looks beautiful but has many scent profiles, spray bottles and has ingredient transparency?! WHAT?!

One Seed was created by Liz Cook an organic living and wellness loving mom and business owner! She launched One Seed in 2009 in Adelaide South Australia and continues to work on her passion for natural fragrance everyday.

So what make One Seed different from other "Clean Perfumes?"

Liz Cook created the Nothing to Hide™ standard which focuses on ingredient transparency and lets the consumer feel empowered. This is from her website below.

"What’s different about ONE SEED?

We developed Nothing to Hide™ as a standard by which all of our products are created. It is your guarantee that all of our products:

  • Are fully transparent, listing every single ingredient used

  • Are 100% free from synthetics and harmful ingredients

  • Contain only 100% natural, plant-derived ingredients

What you see on our label is 100% of what’s inside the bottle. We have nothing to hide. And we don’t think you should expect anything less."

With the Nothing to Hide™ Ingredient list she also has an Allergen declaration that states the natural components of essential oils. A huge win for us ingredient list readers!

"We do so much work to make sure that our products are 100% natural, safe and non-toxic. It really is the best option out there as far as perfume goes for anyone wanting to avoid synthetics and toxic ingredients." - Liz Cook

Okay so let's talk about the perfume testing I did! One Seed sent me their Natural Perfume Discovery Set which included 10 - 2ml natural perfumes and their fragrance guide. In the Discovery set there are a ton of different scent profiles perfect for everyone - they include:

  • Fruity

  • Floral

  • Exotic

  • Woody

  • Gourmand

  • Aromatic

After testing them all I found 3 personal favorites!

My number one favorite was Dreamer, it is a fruity perfume that every time I wore it put a smile on my face! It was super uplifting and had notes of Orange blossom, tangerine, mimosa, stonefruits, pink peppercorn, ginger, fig. Which was surprising as I usually don't like those notes!

It was sweet and went perfect with my body chemistry, it was the perfect perfume! It almost didn't even smell clean!

In Dreamer it does have the ingredient - benzyl benzoate natural isolate - which does get flagged on my favorite clean scanning app. I am super sensitive to scents and toxic ingredients and had no reaction to the ingredient even though it that was in this perfume. I reached out to Liz and asked her about the ingredient and I'm excited to share her response below!

"Just to clarify, natural benzyl benzoate is derived from peru balsam. It is not something to be concerned about from a toxicity perspective, but I'd understand that it is on the EU 26 allergens list so may cause sensitivity in some individuals. Having said that, we have never had any reported cases of reactions to Dreamer in the 5 years we have been making it. We have also now removed benzyl benzoate from all of our formulas for two reasons - one is that we don’t want people to feel the need to be cautious with our products, so if it has become a stumbling black, we’d rather remove it. And the second is it's really not an essential ingredient as there are other methods we can use to help the fragrance longevity and lift." - Liz Cook

WOW!!!! IF I COULDN'T LOVE ONE SEED ANY MORE! Talk about dedication to clean ingredients and ingredient transparency! Thank you One Seed for your dedication to your consumers!

My other two favorites were Seeker and Field. Seeker was a fresh clean gourmand with notes of Pale vanilla, skin musk, coconut, sea salt, coriander seed, ylang ylang. It was light, airy, smelled fresh but also seductive.

Field is a scent that I would wear when I wanted to be extra outdoorsy it had notes of Fresh cut grass, violet leaf, white patchouli, vetiver, lemon, geranium and really smelled like it! I enjoy the initial scent but after awhile I did feel like I was still outside. Perfect for the outdoor lover.

The best part about the Discovery Set is finding out what perfume works for you! You can test, wear and see what your body chemistry likes and doesn't like! One Seed has a great article explaining the ins and outs of our body chemistry and perfume. They also have a scent quiz! I'll link everything below.

You can also use my code : BLESSEDHOLISTICLIFE for 10% off your order!

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