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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Who are you?!....and what in the world is a holistic lifestyle?

Hi! I'm Brianna!

Before I jump into who I am, what I've done and what I do. Let's catch up and get to know each other.

Where do I even begin? When I tell you I have done A LOT I truly mean that. lol I'm the kind of person who gets bored very easily and has a lot of interests and passions.

Remember back in the day before social media when YouTube was the thing you jumped onto after school everyday?

Well 14 year old Brianna found YouTube and her passion for makeup! At the age of 16 I started my makeup business and did a 12 person wedding. I also did my friends makeup for school dances. I guess who could say I always had that entrepreneurial spirit.

I then was living in Idaho and am originally from Florida so makeup, style, freedom of expression was something I always loved even though it wasn't technically popular where I was living.

Why am I telling you this? Well buckle up because I'm brutally honest, overshare and I'm an open book. I wasn't always this way and didn't have the best experiences growing up (is that another blog post? lol) but realized there is no reason not to be and truly live and be who God created me to be.

Why should I dim my light and not be my authentic self ? I did that for too long in my school years and decided as an adult I wasn't going to look back. I was going to live my life without regret. If I wanted to try or do something I was gonna do it, not wake up 20 years later and still have the thoughts of what could have been...if I had just tried and wasn't scared. I gave up fear a long time ago because I have a big God and when he opens a door he OPENS a door. If it's meant He will make a way, and if it's not meant it won't happen or will come to an end. If I fail so what! At least I tried and I have memories!

So instead of telling you my whole life story... Trust me I so bad want to lol we just don't have the time (unless you are a random store cashier I ALWAYS have time to share my life story and traumas in a two minute window while checking out ). Instead I'll sum it up.

This year in November I will be 27 years old. When I look back on my life I have moments I shudder with embarrassment and others that I hold my head high. I have truly done a lot. Ive lived in 6 different states and have had countless small jobs and careers! When I lived in Florida I was a professional makeup artist in Boca and then received my esthetician license for skin care and facials. I then took an opportunity to go into door to door sales and work all around Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Why did I take a job to go door to door to sell newspaper subscriptions (yes I know hahah)? Because why not? My living was paid for it was an 100% commission job and I wanted to see who and what were in all these other states!

I love people and sales, so knocking on peoples door I did very well! I have countless memories and have met some incredible people from my time there. When I got bored with that I took a cocktail serving job and a personal assistant job. Then when that season was over I found myself back in Florida working at a New Age spiritual spa (definite future blog post this was a CRAZY eye opening time).

I then found myself going back to Idaho to help my mom with her juice bar. The only thing that came out of that was a lesson. Never work with family. But I am grateful for the experience as I learned a ton about health and wellness!

Before I knew it I was bartending and saving up money to pack my car and move to Vegas. Why Vegas? Why not Vegas! My original plan was to move out there to go to real estate school and do beauty on the side. Well my first two job interviews I got I walked out during orientation and told them not to pay me for my time as I was obviously not feeling it.

Long story short I found myself at a poker table ( I didn't tell you it was a hobby of mine back in PA?) I won some money in a couple hours and when I did that three days in a row I realized I could do it and didn't stop. So for about three years I did just that! I played professional low stakes poker and finally relaxed. I took time for myself and realized that in whole I am my whole business. I didn't have to work super hard unless I wanted to! Playing poker taught me a ton about myself and people in general. I used my sales experience and love of winning to truly get into my competitors heads. Now just like anything I had some really good nights and some awful ones. But the constant change in the game made it really fun for me. I ended up purchasing a real estate online course, finished two chapters and realized my heart was just not in it. If I'm bored or feel I'm pressured into doing something I will not do it. Sorry not sorry.

Then the plandemic hit. Yes you read that right.

One thing I'll touch base on real quick is my love for God. He has truly opened and closed every door in my life. Even the terrible seasons of wondering "why did this happen to me?".. there was a lesson or connection that he brought forth. Which leads me to my next business I partook in.

During the shutdown I heard God speak to me and tell me to help others in his name! So I started helping close friends who had some emotional, mental and even physical problems. I started praying with them and helping them work through their tough pasts and the pain they were holding onto. When two of my friends healed their physical and emotional pain with my help I decided to turn it into a business.

Lets just back up and say this is when the enemy and my ego took over. I'm thankful it happened as it led me right back to God, in His way not mine. One day we will go over all the New Age stuff I did in my business and how I truly believed I was actually helping. Long story short I was deceived and gave it all up to go back to God and His word, not just what I thought he was saying. Reading the Bible was one of the best things I could have done for myself. I sometimes get upset that I started reading it later in life but I truly know it was all meant to unfold the way it did. Why was I scared to just open it up and build a relationship with him? Was I scared of being shamed and feeling guilty? Most likely. I preferred the love and light no rules version of him in my head. Thankfully his love and hand never left me and I praise and thank God for that every day!

Because let me tell you real quick. New Age living is not all love and light. It is a false light and a false way of living. It is twisting scripture and bringing you further away from the truth. I am here to tell you it can and will get very dark. Thats not meant to scare you but I definitely have some stories that will. I won't share them now as there is a time and place for everything! Just sharing how God let me go through the fire in order to share my testimony and His will for my life!

YES. THAT WAS A LOT. I tried to warn you lol. Full transparency over here!

So what am I doing now?! And what is Holistic living?

Okay Ill jump right in.

Well after closing my two spiritual businesses. I decided to follow my passions and create a business out of it. What are those passions? Lets circle back. See what I did there? lollll

During all this madness I took my health seriously. For the first time in my life I finally decided to stop with the eating healthy for a month losing five pounds, going back to old habits and gaining it back. I knew too much about health to be treating my body as poorly as I did. I was the I'm gluten free and health conscious but I'm still going to drink a whole bottle of wine and have gluten pasta and cheese kind of girl. The one where I woke up bloated and hid in sweaters. Where I was waking up constantly fatigued, depressed, and with stomach issues. I had finally had enough. I knew a ton about health and what to do and not to do so why wasn't I living that way?!

I finally made a change. I needed a lifestyle change, I needed to get to the root cause of all my problems. News flash. It was me and the way I was living.

Thats when I found holistic living. A holistic lifestyle is taking care of your whole self! It's knowing that your mind, body, emotions and soul are all connected and influence each other. When one is off, you can bet the others are struggling as well. So when I started treating my health as a whole is when the habits started to stick! It wasn't about just focusing on my physical body and the way I looked, it was about nourishing my body while also taking care of the other areas of my life at the same time. (I also want to point out I did multiple parasite cleanses - and there will be a whole blog post on that - as it was a huge factor into getting my health in check❤️) When I effortlessly lost 20 pounds of toxic waste I knew I needed to share my lifestyle and knowledge with others!

Im currently in the state of California and my passion for health, wellness and helping people is what inspired me to start this lifestyle blog and open my business as a Holistic Health Coach. My Blessed Holistic Life is here to teach and inspire you to have your own holistic way of living. In this bog I will share the importance of eating clean, clean beauty, nutrition, wellness, and faith based living. I can't wait to share my journey and show you how this lifestyle change and God has completely changed my life! Our lives should be wonderful and have a God given purpose. Regardless of what society says you aren't meant to hate your life, your body and be okay with working a job you hate and going home depressed.

Your life should be as beautiful and amazing as you are! Here's to learning about a new way of living!

Get ready for some informative blog posts where you will find tips and tricks to starting your new life, recipes, clean beauty, health and

Im so excited to share my journey with you all!

God Bless

Love Brianna

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