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My Blessed, Holistic Life.

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Hi, I'm Brianna!

 Im a clean beauty blogger and holistic lifestyle influencer who loves sharing her lifestyle! I love finding the best clean beauty, low-tox, clean eating, wellness and holistic living brands and products! I love to share my faith journey as well in my real, raw community I have built. Life is about balance and grace! With Blessed Holistic Life there is something for everyone! 

What People are saying! 

"Followers like @blessedhollisticlife  who are honest & committed to sharing only products they believe in."


These last two years have been a whirlwind that also sent hormones in distress. Its taken time but by making lifestyle changes that you encouraged, listening to your experiences, buying products that you recommended and following recipes you put together--I've been able to see so much progress in my moods, my acne, my energy, my decision making. I just need you to know you've been so instrumental in my health and wellness and I can't thank you enough for all that you do. 


"Someone who believes in true clean beauty from skincare to makeup and more! She is gorgeous inside & out & you need to follow her! She researches and find small local businesses and tells the truth whether the products work or not!"


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